Dear Asian Americans

Dear Asian Americans, Thank you!

I LOVE your podcast Dear Asian Americans! I can't remember how I came across the podcast - I think it was accidental - and then realized that my sister Elaine Dang was a guest with her fellow McKinsey colleagues on the COVID-19 report episode.

The concept and content that you've created is one that I feel was missing in podcast world. While there are a lot of podcasts that feature Asian Americans, I find that Dear Asian Americans showcases a diverse group of Asian Americans who come from all aspects of life and bring such a unique lens and perspective of who Asian Americans are. Your interviewing skills and asking questions are refreshing and allows the guest to dig a little deeper within themselves and to share a part of who they are if they weren't probed those questions, etc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to some of the episodes and while I can't say I have listened to "every single one," I just finished the most recent one you had #087 with Ryan Alexander Holmes and it was very evident of the diversity within our Asian American group. It makes me so proud to be an Asian American and see the beautiful and impactful things fellow Asian American are doing.

I can't wait to see what else you create! Keep up the excellent work for the community!

Dec. 4, 2020 by Bellebruin on Apple Podcasts

Dear Asian Americans