March 2, 2022

079 // The Power of our Stories w/Elisa Noël

079 // The Power of our Stories w/Elisa Noël

In this week’s episode of your favorite Korean Adoptee podcast, the Janchi Boys sit down with Elisa Noël and talk about her incredible story of navigating and overcoming trauma (trigger/content warning for suicidal ideation + attempts). Elisa shares vulne

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// Meet Elisa Noël

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 In this episode we talk about:

  • The Fraction Intro: 0:49
  • Elisa’s story: 9:53
  • TW / CW: Suicidal ideation & attempts: 13:18
  • The first step to becoming Christian: 17:51
  • The start of a birth search: 22:44
  • Adoption conversations and being Korean in France: 36:30
  • The truth about her adoption story: 41:24
  • Relationship w/biological sisters: 46:34
  • The Always International Food Portion: 57:57



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The Janchi Show Quick Bio

We’re three Korean Adoptees spread out around America and each of us are at different stages in life. We’ll talk about the Korean adoptee experience from our perspectives and learn more about our shared culture, usually with food. And it won’t just be the three of us; each week we’ll have other adoptees from all over the world joining us to talk about what makes us similar and what makes us unique. So join the party!

// Meet the Janchi Boys!

Nathan Nowack

Nathan was adopted from Seoul at 5 months old and raised in a small town in Oklahoma by a loving family and non-biological adopted sister.  After college in Colorado he later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a digital media career and eventually started 2 photography companies.  He has a wife and 3 kids and has reconnected with his biological family in 2014.  In 2021, Nathan and his family moved back to Colorado to be closer to family and start a new chapter in their lives.


Connect with Nathan!

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Patrick Armstrong

Patrick was adopted from Seoul by a white family in Indiana. He is also the president and co-founder of All Times Are Local, a Chicago-based nonprofit focused on helping older foster youth. He attended college at Purdue University in West Lafayette and currently resides in Indianapolis.


Connect with Patrick!

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  • LinkedIn: http://linkedin/in/patrickarmstrong219
  • Instagram:

K.J. Roelke

KJ was adopted from Daegu and raised in Dallas, Texas with his two biological, older siblings and his younger sister, adopted from Russia. After spending a decade in the Midwest for college and career, he and his wife are back in Dallas and living large! He has been on his journey of discovery since 2015 and spends his days populating the internet with content.

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