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Amazing hosts; hilarious, authentic and adoptee-centered voices. There’s so much to learn, unlearn, and process as you listen to these conversations. It gets to a point where you feel like you know them all personally! I appreciate their humor and it’s obvious how much work they put into these shows. As a fellow KAD, I’m here for all of it.


Have been a fan since they began! Great convos about identity, race and adoption. I am thrilled to hear their voices in the adoptee/KAD community! 10/10 every time.

An essential podcast for Korean Adoptees

I’m so grateful a friend turned me on to The Janchi Show. Through the podcast I’ve connected with several other Korean adoptees, and I truly feel like I’m part of a community. The interviews are a lot of fun, and it’s been amazing to hear stories from other KADs who’ve had similar experiences, as well as authors and advocates who’ve shared resources and ways to get involved. I love this podcast, and you will too!

These guys are amazing!!

Never have I felt so seen and heard as with these individuals. Their podcasts give amazing insight into KAD life and experiences. Their fun and laid back energy is magnetic! Listen to all episodes!

Great content

Just discovered your podcast back in May and am all caught up now, enjoy all the discussions on the show learning more about your stories and all the interviews of interesting Korean adoptees. I was adopted at 3 and grew up in a small Missouri town of Nixa growing up. I started becoming interested in my culture thru my college years and am proud to be Korean American. Great to know there are a lot of us Adoptees out there. I’m currently living in Indianapolis now. I would love to be on the podcast someday. Thanks-Blaine Wilcox

A Podcast on the Rise

The show’s format, approach, and content check all of the boxes. The emphasis on the Korean adoptee perspective is second to none as it emerges in the media space as a truly unique platform. It’s hosts have genuine on air chemistry that is indicative of a much longer running program. In addition to a former guest, I am to this day a regular listener. The Wednesday releases of new episodes is one of my weekly highlights. Whether an adoption community member or not, the content you will find interesting, educational, and heartfelt. All should give this one a listen!

Great content

Just discovered your podcast, enjoy all the discussions on the show. I was adopted at 3 and grew up in a small Missouri town growing up. I started becoming interested in my culture thru my college years and am proud to be Korean American. Great to know there are a lot of us Adoptees out there.

1/4 Korean adoptee can relate!

I’m a 1/4 Korean, domestically adopted person raised by white people. Like many of the interviewees I have always struggled with feeling like a ‘real Korean’ jokingly referring to myself as a ‘fake or honorary Korean’ growing up and never knew any other Korean or transracial adoptees. It’s been so refreshing to find this podcast. A lot of the things I’ve struggled with as an adoptee and part-Korean person are talked about in the podcast. We’re not alone. It’s great to feel like part of the community, even via podcast.

Love this!!!

I just started my journey and I am absolutely loving this podcast!!! Is giving me so much insight into things I should think about, things that I should try to do, and how to connect. I literally started my journey probably about a month ago. I find myself relating to most of the people who are interviewed, along with the hosts!! Even if you are not an adoptee but you know somebody who is you can absolutely relate to what is happening in this podcast.

Honest Dialogue Natural Chemistry = Compelling Podcast

The Janchi Show is a classic example of everything that makes the podcast medium worth pursuing. The show has three excellent hosts in Patrick, Nathan, and KJ, who have a natural chemistry which leads to contagious excitement. The dialogue is honesI, and even the most challenging topics are approached in a way that draws the listener in. The Janchi Show is a show for and by three intrepid Korean American Adoptees, but that does not limit its appeal. The Janchi Show consists of uplifting storytelling that uses the adoptee lens to share about the human condition through the hosts and their guests to bring oft-neglected issues to light. Highly recommended.

This podcast is so funny and refreshing!

I’m so happy I found this podcast through the adoptee community. Their conversations are so fresh and I find myself laughing throughout. I am bewildered by the fact that they started this during the pandemic and they’ve yet to meet. Such great chemistry. I love it!

I love this show!!!

I started listening to the Janchi Show a few months ago, but I’ve really started to binge it the past couple of weeks. I love how they’re transferring agency of adoptee narratives to the adoptees themselves. Not to mention the hosts are AMAZING and you would never have guessed that they’ve never met in person! I’m not an adoptee myself, but I am a Korean American who is pretty removed from my Korean identity , and I’ve found that I’ve actually really connected to many aspects of the guests’ and hosts’ journeys. LOVE IT!

Great podcast showcasing journeys of culture and identity

This podcast has been a great way to learn about adoptee experiences, but more than that, it's a wonderful, reflective and fun time that provides interesting insights about culture and identity. Each host provides a unique perspective derived from their own particular journeys as adoptees and as human beings trying to make sense of their life experiences. Conversations about food only enhance what is already a fascinating opportunity to better understand how people bond and make sense of their families, how they continue to find and create meaning in their lives, and how they then share stories about who they are. This podcast deserves the attention of anyone interested in the human being experience.


I came across this show early on in its run and it immediately resonated with me. The chemistry between the three hosts is remarkable considering they’ve never met in real life and each bring an important and needed perspective. In many ways the show is about much more than being a Korean American Adoptee, it is about identity, appreciation of culture, and friendship.

This is not an ageist show!!!!

I did not discover this podcast until they were 22 episodes in...and then spent the necessary hours binging to catch up, like a madwoman. I even listened to them while working out and who the heck listens to podcasts while working out?!(Not me) The Janchi boys bring a fresh perspective to Korean adoptee discovery. Each boy is in a different place in the journey and it has been been amazing to watch the support they offer one another as they move forward on their paths. The guests have been incredible and I have learned so much. Most of all, this podcast is 100% relatable. It has given me so much hope and courage as I face the beginnings of my own journey and discovery as a Korean adoptee, at an older age than I expected. The adoptee community can become a really overwhelming place and I find myself drawn back to the Janchi Show for laughs and comfort.

This podcast is everything! 🙌🏽

Each episode is so power and these stories are incredibly inspirational, raw, and relatable. I really appreciate how Patrick, KJ, and Nathan are creating a safe and fun space for their guest speakers to share their stories! Each episode I have cried (snow ball and Korean shower) and I have laughed (bitter melon tea and raw snail). I wish I could get a heads up each episode so I could try a fun Korean snack, virtually with them!! Thank you guys for sharing your adoptee journeys and amplifying Korean adoptee voices!!! I appreciate each episode more than you can imagine!!!

Great chemistry and diverse guests

Please take some time and give this show a listen! Even though the hosts have never met in person, they seem to engage like they’ve known each other for years and do a wonderful job of sharing their thoughts and views with honesty and a willingness to be vulnerable about their personal experiences. Their guests range from KADs who are relatively new to their adoption/Korean journeys to well-established scholars, which allows for enlightening and thoughtful interviews. The Janchi Show is another much-needed outlet for adopted Korean Americans to share adoption/Korean narratives from their perspectives.

Genuine and interesting

I love the Janchi Boys! Every KAD has a different story, and it’s so interesting to hear about each journey in detail. I have learned a lot about Korean culture so far and look forward to hearing more. The interviews are honest and funny, and the food reviews are very fun!

Heartfelt and funny

Congratulations on the show! Amazing stories and finally a place for korean adoptees.

Looking forward to the next episode!

I’m going to have to try some Kimchi!