Jan. 1, 2021

001 // "Studying hard will fix everything" with Jerry Won

001 //

Jerry Won, Founder & Host of Beyond the Resumes, shares his vision for the show, his best & worst advice ever received, and what advice and book he'd like to share with our audience.

Jerry Won is the Host & Founder of Beyond the Resumes, a career and professional development platform for the modern global professional. He is also the Founder & CEO of Just Like Media, a podcast first media company sharing Asian American stories, and The Podcast Firm, a podcast production and consulting company. Previously, Jerry has worked as a strategy consultant and sales and marketing leader in various industries. He holds a BS from USC Marshall School of Business and an MBA from Michigan Ross.

😬🤮 Worst advice: "Studying hard will fix everything."

🤯🤩 Best advice: "Focus on yourself."

🤗💯 Advice for others: "Bet on yourself."

🥰📚 Favorite book right now: *The Go Giver* by Bob Burg and John David Mann

You can connect with Jerry on [LinkedIn] and [Instagram]

Beyond the Resumes is a daily 10-minute podcast and newsletter that shares advice from career experts, LinkedIn Top Voices, executives, doctors, and entrepreneurs on everything career-related. Listen to Jerry on Episode 001 of BeyondTheResumes.


Beyond the Resumes is a daily ten-minute podcast that shares the worst and best life and career advice from globally recognized career leaders, LinkedIn Top Voices, executives, doctors, and entrepreneurs. Jerry, the founder and host of Beyond the Resumes, holds a BS from USC Marshall, an MBA from Michigan Ross, and was a former consultant at Accenture and a sales and marketing leader in multiple industries. He now hopes to share both his and his guests’ extensive careers and experiences through these daily podcasts. Our mission is to be the leading voice for career and life advice for the modern global professional and empower the next generation of modern global leaders by sharing career and life advice to help you find happiness and success.


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