January 25, 2021

025 // “Don’t take things personally in regards to harsh feedback" With Richard Leong

Richard Leong is a DEI Consultant and a Leadership Development Coach. He is currently working at Collective, a DEI lab, in addition to running an independent consulting and coaching practice. He is also an inaugural board member at Act to Change, a non-pr

January 24, 2021

024 // "Follow your passions" with Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan is a Human Capital Management Consultant at Deloitte and has previously worked in strategy consulting and career consulting. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from Indiana University Bloomington.

January 23, 2021

023 // "If you choose to do something, be the best at it" with Sho Dewan

Sho Dewan is the Founder of Workhap, a talent development firm specializing in Career Coaching & Corporate Trainings. He is a 2020 LinkedIn Top Voice in job searching and careers. He earned his Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of

January 22, 2021

022 // "Online job applications are worthless" with Richard Ngo

Richard Ngo is the Art Director for X. Nguyen Design Co. a creative marketing agency start-up and founder of his personal marketing consultation and media production service. He also works in career development as an intern at Declassified College Podcast

January 21, 2021

021 // "Listen to your intuition" with Sarah Park-Thompson

Sarah Park-Thompson is the Director of Career Services at Harvey Mudd College. She has been in career services working at various institutions for about a decade, most recently at UCLA. Before that, she also worked in diversity inclusion and academic advi

January 20, 2021

020 // "Don't say sorry so much" with Raymond Luu

Raymond Luu is an Associate Director of Commercial Services at San Jose State University. He is also a Program Manager for a nonprofit, Project by Project, which focuses on Asian American leadership development through fundraising and philanthropy. Additi

January 19, 2021

019 // "Be a people pleaser and satisfy as many people as you can" with Min Kwon

Min Kwon is a Sr. Marketing Analyst at PepsiCo Beverages NY. He is part of the Water portfolio, leading the digital strategy and societal purpose on LIFEWTR's brand communication team. He is also involved with the PepsiCo Asian Network, the LGBTQ+ ERG EQU

January 18, 2021

018 // "Don't Be Yourself" with Mia Marie Parisotto

Mia Marie Parisotto is a personal career coach and mentor. She is a director of training and technology - handling everything from a potential associate's first day until their growth and then their leadership development growth. She is currently developi

January 17, 2021

017 // "Be your own hero" with Alan Zhu

Alan Zhu is an Asian American hip-hop and R&B rapper, musician, and actor from Atlanta, GA. He fell in love with music and acting at a young age and uses it to own who he is and to be the best version of himself.

January 16, 2021

016 // "Find one good company and stay there" with Coonoor Behal

Coonoor Behal is the Founder & CEO of Mindhatch, a firm devoted to innovation and creativity. She is an expert in Design Thinking, Organizational Improv, and Innovation Facilitation. She graduated summa cum laude from New York University in Journalism, Fi

January 15, 2021

015 // "Get a job, keep your head down, work hard, and you can have fun when you retire" with Van Lai-DuMone

Van Lai-DuMone is the founder of worksmART Advantage, a progressive team development and leadership training consultancy that utilizes creativity, play, and experiential learning to evolve mindset, skill sets, and behaviors in the workplace. Born in Vietn

January 14, 2021

014 // "Introverts can never be leaders" with Godwin Chan

Godwin Chan is the host of “Digital Introverts,” a podcast where introverts share their success and failure stories and how they thrive in the digital age. He was part of the first full-year cohort of the Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization program

January 13, 2021

013 // "Never do anything for free" with David Moriya

David Moriya is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Strong Asian Lead, a developing career accelerator for Asian Americans in the entertainment industry. He is also the host of the podcast "Redress & Lofi" and the founder of Rogue Photo, a nonprofit

January 12, 2021

012 // "Life will be better at a certain point, so just wait until that happens" with Kathleen Wang

Kathleen Wang is a pediatric allergist practicing in North Carolina. She is a co-founder of The Grown Up Asian, a community and life coaching service for Asian American Women who feel unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and struggle in their close relationships. Sh

January 11, 2021

011 // “Network the way everyone else is doing it" with Joseph Shin

Joseph Shin is a senior at Emory University majoring in Marketing and Information Systems. He is also currently the director of Growth & Marketing at Product Buds, an online community for aspiring product managers. He has previously worked for iSTRATA DIG

January 10, 2021

010 // “You have to get a Masters degree" with Connan Chan

Connan Chan is a recruitment consultant specializing in IT roles at DataFinery Consulting. He graduated from the University of Toronto with honors and a double degree in Cognitive Science and Linguistics and went on to receiv...

January 09, 2021

009 // “Stay on your team (even if it's toxic) until you get promoted - then you can do whatever you want" with Da Eun Kim

Da Eun Kim is a Film & TV Production MFA student at USC and a host and producer for the Bamboo & Glass podcast. She holds a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford and prior to her current status as an MFA student, she has worked as an intern at Pixar A

January 08, 2021

008 // “You don’t need another job, you make more than enough as a woman" with Sheena Yap Chan

Sheena Yap Chan is a blogger, podcaster, consultant, author, and speaker on building self-confidence. She currently inspires women through her podcast called The Tao of Self Confidence where she interviews Asian women about their inner journey to self-con

January 07, 2021

007 // “Networking means talking to someone once and then asking for a job" with Neal Sivadas

Neal Sivadas is a senior at the University of Southern California studying the Business of Cinematic Arts with a minor in Applied Analytics. He is an aspiring Product Marketing Manager with a focus in helping brands understand and market to the Gen Z audi

January 06, 2021

006 // “He who dies with the most toys wins" with Seibo Shen

Seibo Shen currently runs three companies in the cannabis space that make devices that allow the consumer to benefit from cannabis without the negative side effects of smoking. He also runs a few additional groups including Cannadads and Cannathlete. Furt

January 05, 2021

005 // “Follow your passion” with Stacy Jene Li

Stacy Jene Li is a career coach for ambitious creatives/misfits who value social impact and want to make the world a better place through their work. She holds a Masters in Education from UPenn and started her career coaching journey in summer 2020 as a Y

January 04, 2021

004 // “Just keep your head down and keep working - even if you know something is not right.” with Miloni Gandhi

Miloni Gandhi is an experienced international educator with over 15 years of experience in international development and international education. Currently, she is on the Workforce Development team at Foothill College and runs her own international educat

January 03, 2021

003 // “Just put your head down and work hard” with Joseph Choi

Joseph Choi is the founder of Tech Pod, a weekly newsletter on non-technical jobs in tech. He is currently a Business Operations Intern at Salesforce and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of Michigan.

January 02, 2021

002 // “Grad school is always miserable" with Linda Evans

Linda Evans is a strength-based career coach with a Masters degree in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University. She runs her own career coaching practice in addition to working as a full-time Assistant Director in Career Services at Trinity Unive