March 30, 2020

015 // Catalina Kaiyoorawongs // CEO & Founder - LoanSense // Student Loan Discussion

015 // Catalina Kaiyoorawongs // CEO & Founder - LoanSense // Student Loan Discussion

Meet Catalina Kaiyoorawongs, Founder & CEO of LoanSense. Listen to our conversation as she shares how her life experiences and relationships moved her to forgo a career in strategy consulting to found a company that helps everyday people better tackle the

Meet Catalina Kaiyoorawongs!

We celebrate Catalina for all she's achieved in her academic and professional journeys and her family for teaching her the right things to set her up for success.

We support her and the mission of LoanSense to help tackle the student loan problem by providing employers an option to provide support as an employee benefit.

We are inspired by Catalina to use her experience, network, and education to solve a real world problem that so many of us can benefit from.


Catalina is the Founder & CEO of LoanSense (, a company whose mission is to help student loan borrowers better manage their loans by offering their employers a way to add student loan repayment assistance as a part of their benefits package.

In my conversation with Catalina, we talk about her family's move from Thailand to Florida and how her childhood influenced her early career decisions in public service and non-profits. We also talk about how employers can help future employees by providing a student loan benefit and how borrowers can lower their student loan payments right now if their employment has been impacted by COVID-19

Meet Catalina:

About LoanSense:

Turnover high or seats open at your company? Open seats cost five times the employee's salary in revenue lost. LoanSense helps companies recruit faster, retain longer, and rethink their 401K.

LoanSense has two products - a student loan advising and filing solution, and a student loan matching program. We use benefits funds you have already allocated and do not increase your cost significantly. Request more information today at

Grand Prize Winner of the Detroit Fintech Challenge 2018
Grand Prize Winner and Audience Choice Award in Innovation in Action, 2018
Grand Prize Winner of the Dow Social Sustainability Distinguished Award, 2018
Audience Choice Award at Ann Arbor New Tech & TechArb Demo Day, 2019

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