October 12, 2021

130 // Sara Blanchard // Author, Speaker, Podcaster // Dear White Women

Sara Blanchard, author, speaker, and podcaster, of the dynamic duo behind Dear White Women, joins Jerry on Episode 130 of Dear Asian Americans to share about her journey through her biracial identity as a Japanese American and what she wants to share with

September 28, 2021

129 // Michelle MiJung Kim // Author of The Wake Up

Michelle MiJung Kim joins Jerry to discuss her journey as a queer Korean American woman navigating academic, corporate, and now entrepreneurship life as she uses her voice to challenge the status quo in tech and beyond. Her first book THE WAKE UP is avail

September 21, 2021

128 // Joe Kye // Musician, Storyteller, Producer @JoeKye

Joe Kye @JoeKye joins Jerry on Episode 128 to share his story of leveraging his talents and background to storytell and create content for good. We talk about fatherhood, career, and life and stay tuned until the end for a special performance from Joe!

September 14, 2021

127 // Justin Chon // Blue Bayou Film Writer, Director, and Star

Justin Chon, writer, director, and star of the upcoming film Blue Bayou, joins Jerry on Episode 127 of Dear Asian Americans to share his story of growing up in Southern California, his acting and film journey, and what inspires him to use his platform to

September 07, 2021

126 // Anna Qu // Author - Made In China

Anna Qu, author of Made in China - A Memoir of Labor and Love, joins Jerry on Episode 126 to share her challenging journey as a young Chinese American woman in New York City which she writes about in Made in China. No spoilers on this interview, but I 100

September 03, 2021

125 // Dave Callaham // Writer - Shang-Chi

Dave Callaham, writer of Shang-Chi, joins Jerry to share his journey into becoming a writer and what it means to write a script whose story features someone that we wish we had growing up. Shang-Chi opens today, September 3rd; check out our interview on E

August 31, 2021

124 // Destin Daniel Cretton // Director + Writer - Shang-Chi

Destin Daniel Cretton, director and writer of the upcoming Marvel movie Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings joins Jerry to share his story of storytelling through film as an Asian American. We also talk about how the team dealt with making the movie

July 27, 2021

123 // Adelaida Rosario, PhD // Lieutenant - US Public Health Service // #WeCanDoThis

Dr. Adelaida Rosario, PhD, a lieutenant in the US Public Health Service, joins Jerry to share her journey growing up in Guam and Miami, learning the rich history and culture of her Chamorro and Cuban identities, and what inspired her to go into public ser

July 23, 2021

122 // Eric Toda // Tech + Community Leader // Words Into Action

Eric Toda, Global Head of Social Marketing at Facebook, joins Jerry to share his story of growing up as a 4th generation Japanese American, experiencing racism and stereotypes in the corporate world, and changing the conversation around race for his child

July 13, 2021

121 // Michelle Ye Hee Lee // President - AAJA | Tokyo + Seoul Bureau Chief - Washington Post

Michelle Ye Hee Lee, President of the Asian American Journalist Association and the new Tokyo + Seoul Bureau Chief of the Washington Post joins Jerry to share her story of growing up in Guam, how she found her love of journalism, and what she's learned ab

July 06, 2021

120 // Simran Jeet Singh // Scholar | Activist | Author // Fight For Equality

Simran Jeet Singh joins Jerry on Episode 120 to share his story of being an Indian American of Sikh faith, his journey through academics into activism, and the legacy he wants to leave for future generations. Learn more about Simran at SimranJeetSingh.org

June 03, 2021

119 // Wayne Osako // Stamp Our Story // The Go For Broke Stamp

Wayne Osako from Stamp Our Story joins Jerry to share his story as well as how the Go For Broke Forever Stamp became a reality and launched on June 3, 2021. Buy your own Go For Broke stamps at USPS.com or at your local Post Office today!

June 01, 2021

118 // Dion Lim // News Anchor + Speaker + Author // The Voice of a Community

Dion Lim, TV News Anchor, Speaker, and Author, joins Jerry to share her story of growing up Chinese American, her journey through journalism and how covering Asian American stories in the Bay Area has helped her find her voice and mission.

May 31, 2021

117 // Eric Lee // Photojournalist // McDonald's #WeAreAPA Series

Eric Lee, a photojournalist based in Washington DC, joins Jerry to share his unique Asian American journey, how he fell in love with using his camera to share stories, and what he has learned working on the McDonald's #WeAreAPA Series. Eric shared the pho

May 30, 2021

116 // Emanuel Hahn // Photographer // McDonald's #WeAreAPA Series

Emanuel Hahn, a photographer and director based in Los Angeles, joins Jerry to share his unique Asian American journey, how his global experience formed his view on life, and what he has learned working on the McDonald's #WeAreAPA Series. Emanuel shared t

May 25, 2021

115 // Norman Chen // CEO & Co-Founder of LAAUNCH.org // The STAATUS Index 2021

Norman Chen, CEO & Co-Founder of LAAUNCH (Leading Asian Americans to Unite for Change) joins Jerry to share his Asian American identity journey, how we got involved in starting LAAUNCH with his friends, and he wants to the legacy for the STAATUS report.

May 15, 2021

114 // CeFaan Kim // Correspondent - ABC News - ABC 7 NY // Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Korean American journalist CeFaan Kim joins us to share his story of growing up in Philadelphia, what drove him to choose a career in journalism, and what principles guide him in his work as he has worked tirelessly for 20+ years in sharing stories, givin

May 11, 2021

113 // Kristina Mananasala // Epidemiologist + Biostatistician + Community Advocate

Kristina Manansala joins Jerry on Episode 113 to share her personal journey of being the youngest in her Filipino American family, to studying neuroscience, and now helping to bridge the healthcare access gap particularly within the Asian American communi

May 07, 2021

112 // Neil Ruiz // Associate Director of Race and Ethnicity Research at Pew Research Center // Show Me the Asian American Data

Neil Ruiz, PhD of the Pew Research Center joins Jerry to share about his journey as the son of Filipino immigrants, finding passion and mission in sharing our stories through data and research, and what he has learned about our community through his resea

May 04, 2021

111 // Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month with Jerry Won

Jerry is back in the host chair as we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, acknowledge friends who have been on the front lines of storytelling in our community, and share some historical facts and figures that make our community so rich and d

April 27, 2021

110 // Inga Lam // Senior Video Producer - BuzzFeed, Tasty & About To Eat // Culture Through Content

Inga Lam, Senior Video Producer of BuzzFeed's Tasty & About To Eat, joins April Guest Host Marva Shi to chat about her growing up both here and in Asia and how she discovered her love of content creation on her way to becoming one of the most popular crea

April 24, 2021

109 // Sakshi Venkatraman // Journalist at NBC News // Share Their Stories

Sakshi Venkatraman, a senior at NYU and intern at NBC News, shares her story of finding her voice through the power of journalism and storytelling. Guest host Marva interviews Sakshi as they recollect about their times together at Washington Square News.

April 20, 2021

108 // Tiffany Lo // Freelance Photographer @TiffGifPhotog // Through Tiff's Lens

Tiffany Lo aka @TIffGifPhotog, freelance portrait photographer and podcast host of Window Gaain is interviewed by our April Guest Host Marva Shi about her own Asian American journey, her balance of career and passions, and how she found her own voice and

April 09, 2021

107 // Marva Shi // Guest Host - April 2021

Marva Shi is our April 2021 Guest Host! Tiffany passes the baton to the NYU student and NYC Asian American Student Conference Co-Director as we learn about Marva's story and who we can expect to hear from this month on Dear Asian Americans!