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An essential addition to the growing influence of Asians in America and around the world. Jerry Won is a solid host and a great conversationalist. And funny. So extra points for yuan. OK, I was typing “that,” and — no joke — it autocorrected to the Chinese currency. Wow, Apple. Is this a cry for he…

Dear Asian Americans, Thank you!

I LOVE your podcast Dear Asian Americans! I can't remember how I came across the podcast - I think it was accidental - and then realized that my sister Elaine Dang was a guest with her fellow McKinsey colleagues on the COVID-19 report episode. The concept and content that you've created is one th…

Amazing content

Awesome platform that amplified Asian American voices and discusses important topics

Much Needed Podcast

I am so thankful that I found Dear Asian Americans! This podcast presents insightful and in-depth interviews with people from many backgrounds. Jerry is a thoughtful interviewer and provides his guests with an excellent platform to discuss issues that affect the many different subgroups within th…

Game. Changer.

This show is incredible in its effort to highlight stories of people from all parts of Asia and with all sorts of hyphens (e.g. Asian-American/-Canadian/-Australian, etc.). I look forward to hearing these stories week in and week out and it is a constant source of inspiration!

An invaluable spotlight.

This is far from a flashy podcast, but may end up one of the most significant. Unlike Asian Enough?, another really good show that focuses on celebrity Asians discussing identity conflicts, Dear Asian Americans is very different - it captures the mundane but very, very different lives of everyday A…