April 21, 2020

029 // Sarah Yoo // Associate Director of Undergraduate Business Career Services at UCI Paul Merage School of Business

029 // Sarah Yoo // Associate Director of Undergraduate Business Career Services at UCI Paul Merage School of Business

Meet Sarah Yoo, a lifelong career counselor, currently at UCI's Paul Merage School of Business as an Associate Director of Undergraduate Business Career Services. We learn about Sarah's upbringing in Southern California and some great tips for students an

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Meet Sarah Yoo!

We celebrate Sarah and her career in helping students across Southern California start to build their dreams with their first jobs during and post-college.

We celebrate her achievements in finding her passion and her pursuit of higher education to best help her students.

We are inspired by Sarah's dedication to helping students learn more about themselves, the opportunities that exist, and how to find a path to happiness and success.


About Sarah, via LinkedIn:
Equipping and connecting Business Administration undergraduate students at UC Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business to opportunities is what I am passionate about. Prior to UCI, I have been an integral member of university career center teams for the past decade at the University of Southern California and Pomona College.

I also equip early to middle career professionals launch and transition into various roles and industries. I like geeking out on social media content creation and strategy to develop individual and organizational brands.

Connect with me! I'd love to speak on professional development topics targeting college and young professionals including personal branding through LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, and more. You can reach me at sarah.yoo04[at]gmail.com.

Top 5 CliftonStrengths: Empathy, Maximizer, Developer, Harmony, and Arranger.


Connect with Sarah:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahyoo9/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarah.h.yoo/


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