May 1, 2020

038 // David Chen // Partner - GTIF Capital, FaZeClan, NACL // An Unconventional American Dream

038 // David Chen // Partner - GTIF Capital, FaZeClan, NACL // An Unconventional American Dream

Meet David Chen, venture capitalist, board member at some of the hottest companies today, public speaker, and mentor. Listen to our conversation to hear how he managed to become a partner at Deloitte without a college degree and how he built on his experi

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Meet David Chen!

We celebrate all of David's achievements from earning partnership at Deloitte while running multiple businesses, starting his own venture capital firm, and now advising the world's next generation through his involvement with eSports icons FaZeClan and NACL.

We support his dedication to mentoring and advising the next generation of Asian American youth through his public speaking and podcast.

We are inspired by his vision and work ethic and are grateful for him sharing his story and perspectives with Dear Asian Americans. 


About David:
David has over 10 years of experience with a big 4 firm. He created and developed the Chinese Services Group for Deloitte Mexico. In 2010, David and his team were recognized by the global Deloitte firm and they won the prestigious "Standards of Excellence Award" for a 1 billion USD merger. David, at the age of 34, was one of the youngest partners at Deloitte, and worked on over 500 transactions with Fortune 500 companies.

In 2015, David founded the Venture Capital Firm BLCP Capital with his partners. They purchased several entities, engaged in several transactions, raised capital, and managed /developed the operations and mergers of several companies. David, with his team, also managed several projects and consulted clients in the food, health, entertainment and real-estate industries.

In 2017, David joined SparkleCOIN, a blockchain and cryptocurrency company, as CFO and VP of Business Strategy. David worked closely on the development and strategy of the company and is excited that SparkleCOIN is the first cryptocurrency with "real world" applications for p2p and b2b transactions. SparkleCOIN is a self pre-funded operation and has its own fully developed blockchain. SparkleCOIN had a successful ICO in December ending at $37.

David worked As Vice President of business strategy, he also works on business development, financial strategies, blockchain development for business use, blockchain implementation, blockchain strategy, ICO consulting, and client development for business use.

David started the group GTIF Capital and is partnered with several major businesses in the E Sports, Technology, health care, brand and real-estate sector.

David sits on several boards including Faze Clan, MiCamp, Commloan, Tengri Holdings, Chosen by Doctors & Sharebert, and has helped develop strategies for several companies, and is also fluent in 5 languages.


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