March 21, 2021

103 // Zohreen Shah // Correspondent - ABC News // I Saw One Then I Became One

103 // Zohreen Shah // Correspondent - ABC News // I Saw One Then I Became One

Zohreen Shah, Correspondent at ABC News, joins Tiffany Hwang, our March 2021 Guest Host, to share about her family's journey, Zohreen and Tiffany's time together during college at UCLA, and how she fell in love with and navigated her way in the world of j

Zohreen Shah is a correspondent at ABC News, who is also a regular contributor to Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight. She was formerly the embed reporter for the Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign in 2019. Prior to her role at ABC, she held roles at Fox LA, Fox San Diego, Fox Sacramento, and the LA Times. She holds a master's from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor's from UCLA.

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//Meet Tiffany Hwang, our Guest Host during the month of March 2021 as we celebrate Women's History Month! Learn about Tiffany, her show TITT Talk, and the three amazing guests she'll be hosting during this month!

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