Sept. 1, 2020

004 // How to Make Friends During MBA Social Treks // Weber Lu - Northwestern Kellogg 2021

004 // How to Make Friends During MBA Social Treks // Weber Lu - Northwestern Kellogg 2021

Some B-schools have a trek before the program starts or during the semester, travel purely led by students. Unlike professional treks, you do not need to worry about recruiting or networking, you just enjoy meeting new friends and learning new cultures. I

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Meet the guest Weber Lu

Born and raised in Taiwan, Weber is a second-year MBA student at Northwestern Kellogg. Prior to MBA, he had 2 years of experience launching his own startup and 4 years of experience as a financial controller at L'Oreal. Post MBA, Weber is interested in the areas of consulting, tech, marketing, and startup. In the long run, as an entrepreneur himself, he wants to become a guru of startups to help other entrepreneurs to succeed in the future.  In this episode we talk about:
  1. Learning about the personal space in the US.
  2. What is asocial trek in MBA? Should I join?
  3. What do you do during the social trek?
  4. How to blend in with classmates from various backgrounds during travel?
  5. Advice for future MBA students.
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// Meet Jacob Yu and Jay Park, your MBAsians Hosts!  
Jacob Yu 
Born and raised in Taiwan, Jacob worked in marketing and public relations at a tech company. At a young age, Jacob studied as a foreign exchange student in the US, understanding the challenges of being an international student. While studying at Ross, he has witnessed peers struggling in navigating MBA lives, motivating him to support and inspire others by creating the MBAsians Podcast. 
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Jay Park
Born and raised in South Korea, Jay worked as a business developer and sales manager at an international trading company. Jay experienced countless trials and errors from preparation towards his MBA to adapting himself into first-ever foreign country life, motivating him to make MBAsians. As an adventure enthusiast, Jay is still continuing his life journey through MBA.

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