May 25, 2021

MBAsians Season 2 Finale - Jacob Yu and Jay Park

We did it! This is the last episode of MBAsians season 2. In this episode, we want to remind you and also ourselves why we started this amazing podcast journey 10 months ago. We also want to share our takeaways from doing this podcast and talking with tho

May 18, 2021

From MBA to Financial Services: Visa Senior Manager, Consulting & Analytics // Erica Luong // Yale SOM 2018

We invited Erica Luong, a Yale School of Management Class of 2018, to share her post MBA career experience as a consulting & analytics senior manager at Visa. You will learn more about how to utilize your time at work and make your MBA life more meaningfu

May 11, 2021

From MBA to Management Consulting: McKinsey Associate // Janette Hwang // Duke Fuqua 2019

We invited Janette Hwang, a Fuqua MBA graduate from class of 2019, to share her experience of working as a consultant at McKinsey in the US. In this episode, you will learn about the day in the life of a management consultant. Janette aslo shared her tips

May 04, 2021

From MBA to Tech: Adobe Product Marketing Manager // Paryn Assavanop // Michigan Ross 2019

We invited Paryn Assavanop, a Ross MBA graduate from 2019, to share her post MBA career experience as a go to market strategist and product marketing manager at Adobe. You will learn more about how to utilize MBA experience to connect with future role and

April 27, 2021

From MBA to Management Consulting: Mckinsey & Company Consultant // Rajat Goel // Michigan Ross 2020

We invited Rajat Goel, a Ross MBA graduate from 2020, to share his post MBA career experience as a consultant at Mckinsey & Company. You will learn more about how to utilize MBA networking to adapt yourself into the new working environment and find a best

April 13, 2021

From MBA to Healthcare Startup: 10x Genomics Senior Financial Analyst Yoonki Lee // Duke Fuqua 2019

For this episode, we invited Yooki Lee, a Fuqua MBA graduate from class of 2019, to share his experience of working in a healthcare company, 10x Genomics, in the US. He will also share the challenges he faced as a financial analyst when the company is tr

March 30, 2021

From MBA to Healthcare: Amgen, Marketing Manager(Commercial Leadership Program) YC Xie // Ross MBA MPH 2018

share his Commercial Leadership Program experience at Amgen. In this episode, you will learn about the company Amgen and how YC successfully switched his career from HR at McDonald's to sales and marketing roles in the healthcare industry.

March 24, 2021

From MBA to Tech: Microsoft Product Marketing Manager Hannah Chen // Ross 2019 // Season 2 Episode 3

We invited Hannah Chen, a Ross MBA and MSI (Information Science) class of 2019 dual degree graduate , to share her Product Marketing career life at Microsoft. In this episode, you will learn about what the Product Marketing role looks like at Microsoft a

March 16, 2021

From MBA to Tech: Google Program Manager Hiroki Tanaka // Ross 2020 // Season 2 Episode 2

Hiroki Tanaka, a Ross MBA graduate from 2020, shares his post MBA career experience as a Program Manager at Google. Tune in to learn more about what a data center program manager role is, his responsibilities, and how an MBA can help you to succeed in the

March 09, 2021

From MBA to Tech: Amazon Program Manager Mark Buakaew // Ross 2019 // Season 2 - Episode 1

Meet Mark Baukaew, a Ross MBA 2019 grad and current Senior Program Manager at Amazon. Learn about his MBA journey into tech, the challenges he faces in his role, and his best tips for current MBAs looking to get into tech.

March 02, 2021

Season 2 Kick-Off! MBAsians is Back!

Jay and Jacob are back for Season 2 and they share what you can expect in the coming 12 weeks!

November 17, 2020

015 // Not a GoodBye But a New Start

MBAsians Final Episode of Season 1. We’ll share the best quotes from guests and ask ourselves about “one thing we wish we had known before coming to MBA.” Thank you to everyone who’s staying tuned to MBAsians. We’ll be back in 2021 with more priceless con

November 10, 2020

014 // How to Live a Rich Off-Campus Life // Yiran Huang - Chicago Booth 2021

In the previous episodes, we mostly focused on the topics like school life or recruiting . But, even with all the classes, events and assignments, There is still plenty of free time that you can decide how to use. It could be after school hours, weekends

November 04, 2020

013 // How to Make the Most of Professional Treks // Sandy Chen - USC Marshall 2021

MBA is a journey for a new career path. And to find a better career path, many MBA students visit various companies and meet numerous people to learn more about different industries. To facilitate this point, many MBA programs or clubs do “professional tr

October 27, 2020

012 // How to Enjoy School Social Events // Warittha Chalanonniwat - Duke Fuqua 2021

MBA is such an inspiring experience. It’s more than just getting a good academic result or finding a great job. More importantly, It’s a place where you can meet very interesting people from around the world, learn about their stories, and make meaningful

October 20, 2020

011 // How to Navigate MBA with Family // Kazrin Khairul Anuar - MIT Sloan 2021

Taking an MBA program in the US is a big, huge decision. And if you already have a family, it becomes 100 times more difficult. Today’s topic is about MBA and Family. Many international students had to decide whether they came to the US with family or not

October 13, 2020

010 // How to Ace Group Projects in MBA // Doyoun Kim - Cornell Johnson 2021

You cannot talk about student life without mentioning homework and assignments. In MBA particularly, a lot of assignments are group projects based, which means, you have to work with other students and rely on each other to finish it together. It’s not ea

October 07, 2020

009 // How to Work Through Online MBA Life // Jun Takahashi - Michigan Ross 2022

The pandemic has changed the world a lot in 2020. People started to wear masks everyday and canceled their meetings with their friends, family and even wedding ceremonies. MBA is no exception. Most Business schools are doing virtual classes. Recruiters do

September 29, 2020

008 // How to Navigate the Consulting Recruiting Process // Kelly Song - Dartmouth Tuck 2021

As the most popular post-MBA career path for MBA students, recruiting for consulting is very competitive. Therefore, it is very important to have a clear recruiting strategy to be successful. We invite Kelly Song, an MBA2 student from Tuck Business School

September 22, 2020

007 // How to Best Approach Recruiting // Chrissa da Gomez - UC Berkeley Haas 2021

Many students come to business school not only to learn academics such as accounting, finance, strategy, or marketing, but also to look for career changes and get a new job. That’s why people spend most of their time to prepare for the summer internship r

September 15, 2020

006 // How to Adapt to New Teaching Styles // Ryan Yu - Harvard Business School 2021

Even though many people think MBA programs are about networking and getting a better opportunity for a job, we can’t discuss MBA life without academics. Each MBA program has unique core classes and numerous electives. Also, having a brisk discussion and s

September 08, 2020

005 // How to Utilize Clubs During Your MBA Journey // Jung Lee - UCLA Anderson 2021

There are many kinds of clubs that can help your MBA journey. From professional clubs to fun and social clubs, you can have various opportunities to learn new things during your MBA life. However, it’s impossible to join every club you want to participate

September 01, 2020

004 // How to Make Friends During MBA Social Treks // Weber Lu - Northwestern Kellogg 2021

Some B-schools have a trek before the program starts or during the semester, travel purely led by students. Unlike professional treks, you do not need to worry about recruiting or networking, you just enjoy meeting new friends and learning new cultures. I

August 25, 2020

003 // How to Make the Most of Your MBA Orientation // Hiroki Mochizuki - Texas McCombs 2021

Orientation is officially the first time you meet your classmates from all over the world. You may be excited about meeting new people and starting the new chapter in your life, but at the same time, feel nervous. We invite Hiroki Mochizuki from Japan to