April 24, 2021

109 // Sakshi Venkatraman // Journalist at NBC News // Share Their Stories

Sakshi Venkatraman, a senior at NYU and intern at NBC News, shares her story of finding her voice through the power of journalism and storytelling. Guest host Marva interviews Sakshi as they recollect about their times together at Washington Square News.

April 20, 2021

108 // Tiffany Lo // Freelance Photographer @TiffGifPhotog // Through Tiff's Lens

Tiffany Lo aka @TIffGifPhotog, freelance portrait photographer and podcast host of Window Gaain is interviewed by our April Guest Host Marva Shi about her own Asian American journey, her balance of career and passions, and how she found her own voice and

April 09, 2021

107 // Marva Shi // Guest Host - April 2021

Marva Shi is our April 2021 Guest Host! Tiffany passes the baton to the NYU student and NYC Asian American Student Conference Co-Director as we learn about Marva's story and who we can expect to hear from this month on Dear Asian Americans!

March 30, 2021

106 // Sahra Nguyen // Nguyen Coffee Supply // The Most Famous Last Name In The World

Founder of Nguyen Coffee Supply and certified badass auntie Sahra Nguyen joins Tiffany to share her family's origin story, her lifelong commitment to activism, and the story behind Nguyen Coffee Supply. Grab a cup (brewed with a phin filter of course) and

March 28, 2021

105 // Helene and Catherine An // House of An

Helene and Catherine An of the Vietnamese American restaurant empire House of An join Tiffany to share their stories of becoming Vietnamese American, lessons learned building House of An, and what message they want to share with America during these chall

March 23, 2021

104 // Stephanie J. Wong, PhD // Clinical Psychologist + Host - The Color of Success Podcast

Dr. Stephanie J. Wong, clinical psychologist and host of The Color of Success Podcast joins March Guest Host Tiffany Hwang to share about her family's deep roots, her journey into psychology, and why she is so passionate about sharing our stories. Learn m

March 21, 2021

103 // Zohreen Shah // Correspondent - ABC News // I Saw One Then I Became One

Zohreen Shah, Correspondent at ABC News, joins Tiffany Hwang, our March 2021 Guest Host, to share about her family's journey, Zohreen and Tiffany's time together during college at UCLA, and how she fell in love with and navigated her way in the world of j

March 16, 2021

102 // Lisa Tran // Owner - Tan Tan Foods // Never Forget The Taste of Home

Lisa Tran, Owner of Tan Tan Foods, joins Tiffany for an open and personal conversation about the American origin story of the Tran family, how the early years of American life shaped her identity, and how she fell in love with and innovated her family bus

March 08, 2021

101 // Tiffany J. Hwang // Guest Host - March 2021

Meet Tiffany Hwang, our Guest Host during the month of March 2021 as we celebrate Women's History Month! Learn about Tiffany, her show TITT Talk, and the three amazing guests she'll be hosting during this month!

March 02, 2021

100 // Jerry Won // Host - Dear Asian Americans // Celebrating 1 and 100

Dear Asian Americans, here's my story. Thank you for allowing me to share our stories through the first 100 episodes and to live out my dream of creating something for my daughter and all our children. Happy Birthday Charlotte, this is for you.

March 01, 2021

099 // Brian Lee // Co-Founder - BAM VC // DAA Full Circle

Always wondered what motivated and spark the idea of Dear Asian Americans? Listen to 099 with Brian Lee of BAM VC today to learn the stroy behind DAA and also the journey of the founder behind LegalZoom, ShoeDazzle, Honest Company, and many more household

February 27, 2021

098 // Liz Kleinrock // Anti-Bias & Anti-Racist Educator // To Teach and Transform

Teach and Transform Founder Liz Kleinrock joins Jerry on Episode 098 of Dear Asian Americans to share her story as a Korean adoptee growing up in America and finding her passion and mission teaching anti-bias and anti-racist education. She is an award win

February 24, 2021

097 // Cynthia Liu // Co-Founder - AZI Media // Asian American Storytelling

Cynthia Liu, Co-Founder of AZI Media and Asian American marketer and storyteller joins Jerry on Episode 097 to share her journey growing up in the Midwest, finding her love of media, and eventually finding her calling in amplifying our untold stories.

February 19, 2021

096 // Dr. Jenny Fagel // Co-Founder - The Grown Up Asian

Dr. Jenny Fagel, internal medicine physician, shares her journey of growing up in Delaware, her path into medicine, and her new career helping fellow Asian Americans discover theirs best selves with her life coaching practice The Grown Up Asian, which she

February 15, 2021

095 // Jane Kim // Executive Director - Kollaboration // Finding Her Why in Service

Jane Kim, Executive Director of Asian American empowerment non profit Kollaboration, joins Jerry on Episode 095 to share her story of growing up in Chicagoland, journey through the ranks at the YMCA, and finding her home at Kollaboration.

February 09, 2021

094 // Annie Lin // Founder - The ALIA // Amplifying Her Voice

Founder of The ALIA - Asian Lives in America Annie Lin joins us on Episode 094 to share her journey and why she is passionate about creating spaces to amplify the voices of Asian women. Learn more at www.ALIA.news

January 12, 2021

093 // Coonoor Behal // Founder & CEO - Mindhatch + Author + Speaker // I QUIT!

Innovation strategist, author, and speaker Coonoor Behal joins Jerry on Episode 093 to share about her experience growing up in rural Ohio, her passion for performance, and why she decided to chart her own patch. Check out her work and her upcoming book I

January 08, 2021

092 // Mayly Tao // Owner - DK's Donuts & Bakery + Donut Princess LA // Legacy Building

Mayly Tao, Owner of DK's Donuts & Bakery + Donut Princess LA, joins Jerry to chat about her childhood growing up the daughter of Cambodian immigrants in the donut business, how she found her way back into that business, and what she has done to improve an