May 15, 2020

048 // Ted Kim // Co-Founder & Co-Owner - Seoul Sausage Company // "The Cooler One" - Yong Kim

Meet Ted Kim, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Seoul Sausage Company, a game-changing cultural icon that he and his brother Yong co-founded 8 years ago. Listen in as he shares his story of growing up in Cupertino, how he found his passion for digital marketing

May 14, 2020

047 // Jared Chung // Founder & Executive Director - CareerVillage.org // Creating a Village That Changed The World

Meet Jared Chung, Founder & Executive Director of CareerVillage.org, an online Q&A platform that provides students and young professionals answers and guidance about their career and life questions. It is made possible by the generosity of volunteers and

May 13, 2020

046 // Kerry Kang // Co-Founder - Subtle Asian Traits // From Creating a Movement on Facebook to Teaching at Facebook HQ

Meet Kerry Kang, Co-Founder of Subtle Asian Traits, the global movement on Facebook Groups with now more than 1.8 million members. Join us as learn about Kerry's childhood growing up in Melbourne, the story behind how Subtle Asian Traits got started, and

May 12, 2020

045 // Jessica Chen // Founder & CEO - Soulcast Media // The Art & Science of Communication

Meet Jessica Chen, Founder & CEO of Soulcast Media and an Emmy Award winning journalist. Tune in to learn about how she found her love of storytelling and communication, what prompted her to leave broadcast journalism and start her own communications firm

May 11, 2020

044 // Renee Tajima-Peña // Series Producer - Asian Americans on PBS // The Asian American Story. For us. By us.

Meet Renee Tajima-Peña, a lifelong educator and Oscar nominated filmmaker, whose latest work Asian Americans premiers on PBS May 11th and 12th. It's a 5-hour documentary and along with the episode producers, Renee shares amazing stories of Asian Americans

May 10, 2020

043 // Ly Nguyen // Creative Director - Saatchi & Saatchi // Be the Best Different You Can Be // HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Meet Ly Nguyen, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi, badass mom, and awesome human being. Listen to our conversation to learn about the challenges Ly faced growing up in Southern California, how she made her way to Art Center, landed her first job in a

May 08, 2020

042 // Sam Cho // Commissioner - Port of Seattle // The Korean-American Dream

Meet Sam Cho, commissioner of the Port of Seattle, one of five members that oversees the port, airport, and other parts of the system with an annual budget of $800 million. He won his seat as a relatively unknown 29 year old, but who was best prepared for

May 06, 2020

041 // Carol Pak // Founder & CEO - Makku // Brewing Up A Meaningful Startup

Meet Carol Park, Founder & CEO of Makku, a craft makgeolli company based in New York City. Listen to Episode 041 to learn about Carol's childhood navigating the challenges of growing up in New York City, her journey as both employee entrepreneur, and what

May 05, 2020

040 // Kevin K. Nguyen // Higher Education Professional and Ph.D Candidate // Working to Create Leadership in Education That Reflects Its Students

Meet Kevin K. Nguyen, a higher education professional who is also pursuing his Ph.D in Higher Education & Student Affairs. Join us as we learn of his family's journey to America from Vietnam, what event in high school changed his life's trajectory, and wh

May 04, 2020

039 // Phuc Tran // Bestselling Author - Sigh, Gone // A Lifelong Love of Writing Turns Into a Story Still Being Written...

Meet Phuc Tran, bestselling author of Sigh Gone, a memoir about his refugee childhood in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Hear Jerry's conversation with Phuc as they chat about the first time Phuc learned the power of words, what got him to finally believe that he

May 01, 2020

038 // David Chen // Partner - GTIF Capital, FaZeClan, NACL // An Unconventional American Dream

Meet David Chen, venture capitalist, board member at some of the hottest companies today, public speaker, and mentor. Listen to our conversation to hear how he managed to become a partner at Deloitte without a college degree and how he built on his experi

May 01, 2020

037 // Tony Lam // Food Entrepreneur + Technology Investor // Corporate Life or Entrepreneurship? Yes.

Meet Tony Lam, food entrepreneur and technology investor, whose life began in Vietnam shortly before the fall of Saigon. Through a series of fortunate events and the tenacity of his parents, Tony started his career in Silicon Valley and eventually found h

April 30, 2020

036 // Chanin Nuntavong // Executive Director of Government and Veterans Affairs at The American Legion // All-American Marine

Meet Chanin Nuntavong, former Marine and Executive Director of Government and Veterans Affairs at The American Legion. Tune in as he shares stories of his childhood, his decision to join the Marines at age 17, and how that decision has changed his life.

April 30, 2020

035 // Grace Yoo // Candidate for City of Los Angeles Council District 10 // A Lifelong Champion of Justice

Meet Grace Yoo, on the ballot to be the next Councilwoman for the City of Los Angeles' 10th council district. Grace shares with us stories of growing up in Los Angeles in the 80s, how Sa-i-gu changed her life forever, and why is decided to run for the ope

April 29, 2020

034 // Sarah Park Dahlen // Associate Professor of Library and Information Science // Children's Books For All Children

Meet Sarah Park Dahlen, Associate Professor of Library and Information Sciences at St. Catherine University in Minnesota and one of the biggest advocates for diversity in children's literature. She is the co-founder and co-editor of Research on Diversity

April 28, 2020

033 // Eurae Muhn // Associate Professor of English - Montgomery College // Teach for All of America

Meet Eurae Muhn, Associate Professor of English at Montgomery College in Rockville Maryland. Join us as we learn about Eurae's unique American immigrant origin story, her time with Teach For America, and why she chooses to stay teaching at the community c

April 27, 2020

032 // Osric Chau // Actor // A Passion for Asian Representation in Media

Meet Osric Chau, actor and filmmaker. Join as Jerry chats with Osric about his childhood in Vancouver, his first big break in acting and what made his parents the most proud during his career.

April 24, 2020

031 // Bonnie Tang // Co-Director - NYC Asian American Student Conference 2020 // AMPLIFY

Meet Bonnie Tang, Co-Director of the New York City Asian American Student Conference 2020, whose theme is AMPLIFY! Jerry talks to Bonnie about growing up in New York City, how she wrote an op-ed for MTV.com, and why NYCAASC is so important to her. Learn m