April 22, 2020

030 // Monica Kang // Founder & CEO - InnovatorsBox // Transformation Through Positivity and Creativity

Meet Monica Kang, Founder & CEO of Innovators Box, a global firm specializing in the science and strategy of workplace creativity whose proven, research-based, and interactive programs build teams and cultures that are productive, innovative, profitable,

April 21, 2020

029 // Sarah Yoo // Associate Director of Undergraduate Business Career Services at UCI Paul Merage School of Business

Meet Sarah Yoo, a lifelong career counselor, currently at UCI's Paul Merage School of Business as an Associate Director of Undergraduate Business Career Services. We learn about Sarah's upbringing in Southern California and some great tips for students an

April 21, 2020

028 // Vaidehi Gajjar // Editor of Health and Human Rights - Brown Girl Magazine // Finding Healing Through Writing

Meet Vaidehi Gajjar, Editor of Health and Human Rights at Brown Girl Magazine. Jerry interviews Vaidehi about the first moment she knew she loved writing and how she found her way to writing for a publication dedicated to South Asian women, something that

April 20, 2020

027 // Danny Tran // Co-Founder - Son Fish Sauce // Building Legacy Through Family Business

Meet Danny Tran, Co-Founder of Son Fish Sauce. Danny is a part of a 4th generation ownership and operation of a fish sauce business started by his wife's great grandfather in the southern islands of Vietnam. He joins Jerry to share his story of growing up

April 20, 2020

026 // Sopan Deb // Author, New York Times Writer, Comic // Missed Translations: Meeting the Immigrant Parents Who Raised Me

Meet Sopan Deb! Sopan is a writer for The New York Times, a stand-up comic, and author the new book Missed Translations: Meeting the Immigrant Parents Who Raised Me. Prior to the New York Times, Sopan covered the 2016 Presidential Campaign for CBS News as

April 19, 2020

025 // Anne Gu // Co-Founder - Asian Subtle Traits // Creating a Not-So-Subtle Global Community

Meet Anne Gu, a co-founder of the global cultural movement Asian Subtle Traits, a Facebook group with more than 1.7 million members and responsible for inspiring countless digital communities for Asians globally to connect and build community together. Li

April 14, 2020

024 // Nathan Nowack // Photographer & Entrepreneur // A Journey to Find His Biological Family & Lessons in Managing a Creative Business

Meet Nathan Nowack, one of Southern California's most sought after wedding, event, and corporate photographer. Nathan joins us on Dear Asian Americans to share about his adoption story, his journey into finding his biological families, and tips for fellow

April 09, 2020

023 // Han Ju Seo // Founder - Asian Creative Network // Creating a Community for Creatives

Meet Han Ju Seo, Founder of the Asian Creative Network. Founded in November 2018, the Asian Creative Network is a thriving community of more than 35,000 creatives around the world who network, help, and create with each other. The Network has 15 city spec

April 07, 2020

022 // Julie Yeeun Kim // Professor of Asian American Studies - California State University at Long Beach

Meet Julie Yeeun Kim, professor of Asian American Studies at California State University at Long Beach. She's also a singer, writer, and community activist. Hear our conversation to learn from a professor's perspective on why Asian American studies matter

April 04, 2020

021 // Dr. Jang Cho // Supporting Children & Parents Through COVID-19 & Beyond

Welcome back Dr. Jang Cho to the show. I speak with the child psychiatrist on ways we can best support our children and ourselves during these challenging times by sharing how to best deal with the new realities of being home, how to best support our fron

April 03, 2020

020 // Tai Tran // Founder of Asians Never Die // How Comedy Created a Digital Community

Meet Tai Tran, Founder of Asians Never Die, a community 1 million strong on Facebook and 350k on Instagram celebrating Comedy, Culture, and Community. Learn of the Tran family's Vietnamese American origin story and how Tai has built one of the largest Asi

April 02, 2020

019 // Benny Luo // Founder & CEO of NextShark // Choosing Purpose of Profits in Business

Meet Benny Luo, Founder & CEO of NextShark, the leading destination of media and content for Asians and Asian Americans. Tune in today learn about Benny's life story that led him to founding NextShark and how is has chosen purpose over profits in running

April 01, 2020

018 // Juanny Romero // CEO - Mothership Coffee

Meet Juanny Romero, CEO of Mothership Coffee & Sunrise Coffee. We talk to Juanny about how she built her coffee business and how she is managing it and her team through these challenging times.

March 31, 2020

017 // Stacey Kwong // Co-Founder - MILK + T // The Helpers Series

Meet Stacey Kwong, Co-Founder of MILK + T, an inclusive and welcoming boba store with three locations in Los Angeles, Beaverton, OR, and Las Vegas! Listen to our conversation to learn about her motivation behind opening a boba shop and how she is handling

March 30, 2020

016 // Jin Yu // Chief Growth Officer - Vezt // COVID-19 Economic Impact

Meet Jin Yu, Chief Growth Officer of Vezt and Co-Founder of Surkus. Listen in to our conversation to hear this story of how a college drop out from Minnesota became the General Manager of the hottest restaurant in Beverly Hills, how we leveraged his peopl

March 30, 2020

015 // Catalina Kaiyoorawongs // CEO & Founder - LoanSense // Student Loan Discussion

Meet Catalina Kaiyoorawongs, Founder & CEO of LoanSense. Listen to our conversation as she shares how her life experiences and relationships moved her to forgo a career in strategy consulting to found a company that helps everyday people better tackle the

March 27, 2020

014 // Wing Lam // CEO & Co-Founder of Wahoo's Fish Taco

Wing Lam and his brothers Mingo and Ed are the Chinese-Brazilian-American trio behind the legendary restaurant chain Wahoo's Fish Taco, a household name in Southern California and in the action sports industry. I talk to Wing about his childhood, early ye

March 25, 2020

013 // Bryan Pham and Maggie Chui // Founders - Asian Hustle Network // The Helpers Series

Meet Bryan Pham and Maggie Chui of Asian Hustle Network. Hear the story of the power couple on the vision, motivation, and legacy of Asian Hustle Network. Learn how they have grown an organic Facebook community to over 42,000 in four months and how they a