022 // Julie Yeeun Kim // Professor of Asian American Studies - California State University at Long Beach

April 7, 2020

Meet Julie Yeeun Kim, professor of Asian American Studies at California State University at Long Beach. She's also a singer, writer, and community activist. Hear our conversation to learn from a professor's perspective on wh…

021 // Dr. Jang Cho // Supporting Children & Parents Through COVID-19 & Beyond

April 4, 2020

Welcome back Dr. Jang Cho to the show. I speak with the child psychiatrist on ways we can best support our children and ourselves during these challenging times by sharing how to best deal with the new realities of being hom…

020 // Tai Tran // Founder of Asians Never Die // How Comedy Created a Digital Community

April 3, 2020

Meet Tai Tran, Founder of Asians Never Die, a community 1 million strong on Facebook and 350k on Instagram celebrating Comedy, Culture, and Community. Learn of the Tran family's Vietnamese American origin story and how Tai h…

019 // Benny Luo // Founder & CEO of NextShark // Choosing Purpose of Profits in Business

April 2, 2020

Meet Benny Luo, Founder & CEO of NextShark, the leading destination of media and content for Asians and Asian Americans. Tune in today learn about Benny's life story that led him to founding NextShark and how is has chosen p…

018 // Juanny Romero // CEO - Mothership Coffee

April 1, 2020

Meet Juanny Romero, CEO of Mothership Coffee & Sunrise Coffee. We talk to Juanny about how she built her coffee business and how she is managing it and her team through these challenging times.

017 // Stacey Kwong // Co-Founder - MILK + T // The Helpers Series

March 31, 2020

Meet Stacey Kwong, Co-Founder of MILK + T, an inclusive and welcoming boba store with three locations in Los Angeles, Beaverton, OR, and Las Vegas! Listen to our conversation to learn about her motivation behind opening a bo…

016 // Jin Yu // Chief Growth Officer - Vezt // COVID-19 Economic Impact

March 30, 2020

Meet Jin Yu, Chief Growth Officer of Vezt and Co-Founder of Surkus. Listen in to our conversation to hear this story of how a college drop out from Minnesota became the General Manager of the hottest restaurant in Beverly Hi…

015 // Catalina Kaiyoorawongs // CEO & Founder - LoanSense // Student Loan Discussion

March 30, 2020

Meet Catalina Kaiyoorawongs, Founder & CEO of LoanSense. Listen to our conversation as she shares how her life experiences and relationships moved her to forgo a career in strategy consulting to found a company that helps ev…

014 // Wing Lam // CEO & Co-Founder of Wahoo's Fish Taco

March 27, 2020

Wing Lam and his brothers Mingo and Ed are the Chinese-Brazilian-American trio behind the legendary restaurant chain Wahoo's Fish Taco, a household name in Southern California and in the action sports industry. I talk to Win…

013 // Bryan Pham and Maggie Chui // Founders - Asian Hustle Network // The Helpers Series

March 25, 2020

Meet Bryan Pham and Maggie Chui of Asian Hustle Network. Hear the story of the power couple on the vision, motivation, and legacy of Asian Hustle Network. Learn how they have grown an organic Facebook community to over 42,00…

012 // Dr. Jang Cho // Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist // The Helpers Series

March 24, 2020

Meet Dr. Jang Cho, a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has made it her life's work to help children and families through their struggles. She shares tips on how to have difficult yet meaningful conversations within our f…

011 // Sheela Lal // Digital Community Organizer // The Helpers Series

March 23, 2020

Meet Sheela Lal, who shares with us three thoughtful and meaningful ways for us to build community and stay connected during these challenging times when most of us are staying home: a book club, a documentary guide, and dig…

010 // John Ma // Community Organizing during COVID-19 in LA & Beyond // The Helpers Series

March 22, 2020

Meet John Ma, entertainment executive & community organizer working tirelessly for the most needy populations in Los Angeles. Tune in to learn his story and how you can get involved.

009 // Jason Chu // Rapper & Poet // The Helpers Series

March 19, 2020

Dear Asian Americans Interview with Jason Chu of NITEMRKT with Thoughts & Tips on How To Respond To and Fight COVID-19 Related Anti-Asian Racism

008 // John Lim // CEO - AZNFLUSH // The Helpers Series

March 17, 2020

Launching The Helpers Series, highlighting everyday heroes doing their part to help us all get through these challenging times. Today, we talk to John Lim, Founder & CEO of AZNFLUSH and learn what he's doing to help the comm…

007 // Dr. Paul Song // Radiation Oncologist and Community Leader

March 17, 2020

Jerry shares his conversation with Dr. Paul Song about coronavirus updates and tips for the community. Recorded on Thursday 3/11/2020 at 1pm.

006 // Helena Ku Rhee // Author - The Paper Kingdom & The Turtle Ship

March 11, 2020

Meet Helena Ku Rhee on Episode 006 of Dear Asian Americans! Helena is an author, her most recent book entitled The Paper Kingdom, and entertainment executive. Hear her journey through academia, law, entertainment, and eventu…

005 // Paul PK Kim // Comedian @PKComedy, MC, Kollaboration Founder

March 6, 2020

Meet Paul PK Kim on Episode 005 of Dear Asian Americans! PK is the Founder of Kollaboration, a global movement that has put on more than 100 talent shows across 15+ cities featuring Asian American entertainers. He is also a …

004 // Trisha Sakhuja-Walia // CEO & Co-Founder - Brown Girl Magazine

March 5, 2020

Meet Trisha Sakhuja-Walia on Episode 004 of Dear Asian Americans! Trisha is the CEO & Co-Founder of Brown Girl Magazine, a media company dedicated to sharing the stories of South Asian women globally. Learn about her upbring…

003 // Rajiv Satyal // Comedian, Host, Speaker aka Funny Indian

March 4, 2020

Meet Rajiv Satyal on Episode 003 of Dear Asian Americans! Rajiv is a comedian, host, and speaker whose videos have amassed more than 50 million views and has performed stand-up comedy on all seven continents! Join us for our…

002 // Cassandra Lam // CEO & Co-Founder of The Cosmos

March 3, 2020

Meet Cassandra Lam on Episode 002 of Dear Asian Americans! Cassandra is the CEO & Co-founder of The Cosmos a health and wellness company whose roots were inspired by finding a voice and place for Asian American women. Learn …

001 // Jonathan Wang // Executive Director - USC Asian Pacific American Student Services

March 2, 2020

Dear Asian Americans, meet Jonathan Wang. Jonathan serves as the Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Student Services at the University of Southern California

000 // Jerry Won // Host & Producer - Dear Asian Americans // The Introduction

Feb. 22, 2020

Opening Episode for Dear Asian Americans. Introduction to show, guests, and host. First interview show launching March 2, 2020.